All payments must be made via Credit Card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay. Payments by bank transfers, bank checks, postal checks, or other payment methods not expressly indicated on this page are not allowed.

All transactions are processed through a secure server, ensuring maximum data protection for Susi Store customers. Our Customer Service agents will never ask for nor accept Credit Card numbers and/or expiration dates and/or CSC codes. In order to provide the greatest protection for e-commerce purchases, all our payment gateways provide the new 3-D Secure (3DS) security protocol and the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certificates. Susi Store recommends customers to subscribe to the Visa Secure or MasterCard Identity Check or American Express Safekey services.

Payment should be not completed due to technical issues or financial ones. Our Customer Care will not know why an order could not be paid. In this case, the customer could contact his Financial institute to understand why.

If Susi Store cancels an order or part of it, the buyer will be immediately informed; anyway, we will make a refund of the total or partial payment through the same payment method chosen by the customer. After the refund of the amount, Susi Store is not responsible for any delay or missed release by Financial institutes of the amount refunded.


Buying with a Credit Card the Financial institute will provide immediately to freeze the amount of the order and the payment will be done when the customer will receive the email of the Confirmation of the Order.
The information about the card of the acquirer will be sent through a secure link directly to the website of the Financial institute that will manage the transaction. According to the laws, these datas will be keep by Adyen for Susi Store and will be used to proceed to the payment.

We accept these following Payment Cards:

  • American Express
  • Diners
  • Discover
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Susi Store could ask anytime to the customer other mandatory information (for example the phone number) to complete the purchasing contract. If the customer won’t provide that information, Susi Store could delete the order and refund the customer.


PayPal accepts all credit cards, including prepaid cards, and can be connected to any bank or postal account, even by debit card. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account: in this case, you have simply to follow the procedure "Pay with a card" described on the PayPal website. The amount of the purchase is debited to the PayPal account when the order is concluded. For each transaction made through PayPal, the customer will receive an additional email directly from the PayPal portal to confirm the payment.

If the address of shipment on the order and on PayPal won't be the same, we will ship the order to the address put on PayPal. If that address has another Country, with a different shipping price, we will be forced to cancel the order and we will refund the customer.


With Amazon Pay, you can use the information of your Amazon account without processing another checkout with your personal info. Amazon Pay is a fast and sure payment method. Once selected, you have to log into your Amazon Shopping account with your email and password. After the login, you can use the credit cards and the shipping address of your Amazon account to complete your order on our website.


From 1 January 2019, in order to comply with the legislation on electronic invoicing (Law n. 205 of 27/12/2017), any invoice requests may be made as follows:

The request for invoicing must be made by email at the time of payment of the order (art. 22 of Presidential Decree no. 633/72), or in any case before dispatch of the order placed, providing the following identification details which are essential for the preparation and electronic dispatch of the document.

    Company name or Surname and First Name
    Registered office or Domicile or Residence
    Fiscal Code
    VAT number
    Recipient Code or PEC Address
    Additional contact details (e-mail and/or telephone number) in case the SDI does not deliver the electronic document.
    Surname and First Name
    Fiscal Code
    Contact details (e-mail/PEC and/or telephone number) for sending the analogue invoice or availability in case the SDI does not deliver the electronic document.