The package containing the item must be physically delivered to the courier at the latest within 30 days (including holidays) from the date of receipt. On it is not possible to exchange size and/or item. You have to make a new order to purchase a different size and/or item.

We will refund after returning the package to our warehouses and after checking the status of the goods. If the conditions are suitable, the refund will be:

  • total, including the return of any shipping costs, if the package of the return is given to our courier within 14 days (including holidays) from the date of delivery of the order;
  • partial, and will include only the cost of the returned items, if the package of the return is given to our courier within 30 days (including holidays) from the date of delivery of the order.

Before sending the return goods you must do the following checks:

  • The code label is perfectly intact and has not been removed from the garment.
  • All labels, in fabric or hanging, are perfectly intact and have not been removed from the garment.
  • You have to return the box of the product in the same condition you received it. The box is part of its own product.
  • Each item is in the same condition as received and must be packed in an orderly manner. Never use the box of the product for returning items or to apply the prepaid label.
  • Each garment has not been worn and/or washed and/or ironed and/or treated in any way.

If the returned items are damaged or visibly used, will have the right to deduct from the refund an amount corresponding to their decrease in value.


All the orders purchased from November 1st, 2023 should be returned until January 31st, 2024 (we will check the date on the package of return). This is possible to guarantee the best timing for your Christmas gifts.


  1. Click on Create Return and insert the three data required.
  2. Click on the Check Status button.
  3. Below each item, flag the box Do you wish to return this product? for each item that you want to return.
  4. After the flag, insert the quantity and the drag&drop motivation for your return.
  5. Insert a short comment for your return (f.e.: if you prefer a Gift Certificate and not the refund) and Accept our Returns Policy (these you are reading).
  6. Click on "Return confirm".
  7. You should wait for another e-mail from our Customer Service for the instructions and the prepaid label to be used on your package and schedule the pick up of the courier. This e-mail will arrive in 1 workday.


If you have received your order within the European Union, the return will be totally free.


If you have received your order outside the European Union (click here for the complete list) or in the United Kingdom (from 1 January 2021), the return will be at your charge.
Please, wait from us an e-mail before returning orders, because you have to receive a proforma invoice to Custom needs.
You must send the goods, well packaged, to the following address:

Susi Store S.R.L.
Via Ofanto, 2
04100 Latina

We suggest choosing a service that provides the tracking number to monitor the package during shipping.
The customs fees for the return of the package in Italy will instead be charged to Susi.


We manage returns quickly. Returns provided of complete documentation are reimbursed faster. Susi is not responsible for any loss during the journey of the returned goods if you do not comply with our return procedures. The products that have been customized on customer request cannot be returned. The customer has no legal right to return personalized items.

  • The refund of the purchase amount will be exclusively through the payment method chosen by the customer for the original order;
  • We will make a refund when the goods have returned to our warehouses and we will have checked their status, in any case within 14 days of receipt of the return;
  • In any case, we will refund the cost of the Prime shipment (if available), but only for the Standard one.


Make sure to include the correct and complete item when making a return. To receive a refund, you must return the correct item. If you have sent the wrong item in error, please contact us as soon as possible.
If you have sent us the wrong item or in error, we cannot guarantee that your item will be found and returned and no compensation will be given for this type of item.
Susi Store is in fact, in this case, exempt from any liability in case of error or non-recognition, even after sending, the returned product.
After 90 days of receipt of such products, procedures for their disposal will be initiated, also by donation to charitable organisations.


If you purchased a product at the online store that is damaged or defective, refers to the legislation foreseen for the "Legal guarantee on consumer goods". Contact our Customer care to expose your case, always specifying the number of your order.